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A traditional massage tailored to your unique needs! Lauren creates a therapeutic, anatomically-informed session blending Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, and craniosacral modalities to address patterns of stress and tension. 

A unique massage experience to soothe and rebalance your entire being! As you lay on a comfy mattress on the floor, Lauren will massage and stretch your body in a calming yet powerful sequence of traditional therapeutic techniques. 


"I have had several sessions with Lauren, working with my limited joint mobility as a result of scleroderma and pain from arthritis. After each massage I have a greatly increased range of motion, a decrease in pain and a wonderful sense of wellbeing. Lauren's technique is both relaxing and therapeutic. This is definitely not a cookie cutter massage but one designed specifically for my needs. I look forward to my next visit!"

--- Sue, retired

“I had the opportunity to receive massage from Lauren 4-5 times over the course of several weeks for chronic low back pain and thoracic fascial restriction. Due to old injuries and chronic pain, I require very specific massage work and have a few safety restrictions as well. Lauren was an excellent fit for my needs. She listened very attentively, asked insightful questions and planned each treatment to address my issues and goals. Her massage work is confident, intuitive and very skilled. After receiving work from Lauren, my pain and restriction was always significantly decreased and I walked away relaxed and happy."

"I am grateful to say I have received numerous massages over the years. However, few stand out in my memory that embodied the words massage therapy (which is what I consistently seek). My sessions with Lauren were indeed therapeutic massages. Lauren brings fresh awareness to each individual’s unique needs, addressing old holding patterns, current areas of tension, and overall energetic wellbeing. She possesses deep knowledge of the body and its mechanisms, and works from this anatomical understanding as well as from her powerful intuitive guidance."

--- Allison, holistic health coach

--- Sarah, massage therapist

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